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Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Windows 11 Update

As a Microsoft certified partner, Bahati has been looking forward to the release of the latest Windows 11 update. 

Our latest blog takes a more detailed look into everything you should know about this latest release, and why it matters for your business. 

windows 11

Is your business ready for a seamless update from Windows 10 to WIndows 11? 

Welcome to Windows 11 versions 22H2; The friction-free Windows update for businesses that can be installed simply and seamlessly, while running side-by-side with Windows 10! explains how Microsoft opines that the new Windows 11 update delivers “meaningful, quantifiable returns” in respect to productivity. This is particularly true for those organisations that use Windows 11 Enterprise and Microsoft Intune together in a broader Microsoft 365 rollout. 

Neowin supports this notion with Forrester’s results in proving that the latest Windows 11 update accounts for 5-15% more productivity in organisations. 

According to Windows VP Aaron Woodman, the new Windows 11 feature covers everything from making the device more simple, empowering higher standards of productivity, and addressing growing needs around improved communications and creativity. 

Included in it, of course, are the security features that business customers both expect and require from Windows. . 

Here’s a brief overview of the features and benefits of Windows 11 Version 22H2: 

According to Neowin, Windows 11 22H2 offers: 

  • The latest security enhancements, 
  • Windows Autopatch, 
  • Insights in Endpoint Manager, 
  • App Assure,
  • Targeted organisational messages, and 
  • Accessibility enhancements. 

An impressive feature of the Windows 22H2 update includes the ‘Windows Studio Effect’, offered by Windows 11 in an effort to help improve the experience of video and audio calls. 

How did Microsoft get this right? Well, special effects such as:  

  • Voice Focus, which assists in filtering background noise.
  • Automatic Framing, which ensures that your camera will frame and follow your movements (excellent for those who need to move around in online meetings), and 
  • The Eye Contact feature, which gives the effect that all meeting participants are looking directly into the camera. Thus, creating better engagement with their audience throughout the entire meeting. 

Thurrott adds that among the top benefits of Windows 11 22H2 is the Microsoft Credential Guard, which utilises virtualisation-based security to isolate secrets, ensuring that only privileged system software can access them. Thus, making it harder for attackers to compromise the user’s network.

According to TechRepublic, the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is another excellent security feature which warns you if you’re typing your Microsoft account details into a malicious site

An added bonus of Windows 11 22H2 includes the free use of the Windows Mail App, which is pre-installed on all systems!

Expect additional feature drops in October instead of the next annual update! 

TechRepublic also notes that while organisations like the predictability of an annual release, that doesn’t mean they always want to wait a year for something useful. “Our intention here is bringing customers the most impactful experiences as quickly as humanly possible,” he said. “Our intention is to give more value faster.”

So, what can enterprises expect in October? New features including: 

  • Tabs in File Explorer
  • A new interface in the Photos app
  • Adding nearby PCs to the Share options
  • The ability to make a phone call or create an event when you copy a phone number or date!

If you have Windows 10, you can upgrade straight to Windows 11 22H2 for free

BahatiGroup is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner! If you have any queries regarding the upgrade of Windows 10 to Windows 11 22H2, we invite you to reach out to us today to allow our skilled team of Microsoft-whizzes to offer the advice, assistance and support that your enterprise needs to level up in Microsoft’s progressive software. 

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