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Subscription Based IT Support

In our last newsletter, we took a closer look at the benefits of having a managed IT support service on hand for your business.

This week, we’re going a step further  by introducing you to our innovative subscription based IT support service, and why it could change the way you look at your IT support forever!

Subscription Based IT Support

Leveraging predictable, fully managed business technology

While cloud storage has changed the way we work and manage our data, there is still the inevitable need for some on-premise IT hardware and software in many businesses. 

Managing and maintaining these systems requires expertise and investment, and being able to confidently predict these expenses is crucial for business budgeting.

Our fully managed, subscription-based IT support model is designed to take the guess-work out of your IT budgeting, while at the same time providing you with the security, IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring your business requires.

Breaking down the benefits

Besides the peace of mind a consistent monthly IT support expense brings, there are other benefits to your business which are just as important. 

  • Mitigation of unplanned downtime risk

It’s an undeniable fact, you can’t avoid 100% of IT downtime – but a managed IT provider can help you plan for it effectively, and mitigate unplanned downtime wherever possible. 

Planned downtime is scheduled for the purpose of implementing upgrades and configuration changes, and this alone can often mitigate the risk of most downtime causes almost entirely.  

Scheduled preventative maintenance is still one of the best ways of keeping your servers, PCs, and other vital network devices functioning optimally, improving reliability and security 

  • A single point of contact for all your technology needs

Having all of your business IT resources, systems and technology under one umbrella means that when something goes wrong, you know exactly who to call. 

This is vital for being able to address issues quickly, and avoids staff wasting valuable time getting answers for their day-to-day IT questions, and chasing down the correct contact for a particular problem. 

A single point of contact also means that there is a complete history and understanding of your IT operations, so there is no trial and error or guesswork involved when resolving issues.

  • Technology that can scale with your business 

Technology is advancing every day, and yet another benefit of a subscription-based service is that it can help manage technological demands and ensure your business technology can keep up with the capabilities required. 

A subscription based model allows your IT support to grow, or shrink, in sync with your business needs, while giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your systems are in the best shape for your particular circumstances. 

  • Confidence in your cybersecurity 

Most cybersecurity breaches take place thanks to poorly maintained systems. 

Proactive patching and real-time updates, combined with 24/7 monitoring and fast response times, provide you with a stable and robust system and the ability to identify and resolve threats before they impact critical network and cloud assets.

So, what’s next?

Now that the benefits are clear, the only question left to ask is which managed service provider you will chose to work with. At BahatiGroup, we want to make every visionary and Entrepreneurs’ dreams possible with IT support and services in the forefront that keep the business going and growing. 

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