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Introducing Our Services – Part 2

We are often asked how we are able to offer so many services, while still keeping our fees competitive enough for small businesses to afford? 

Our wide-ranging expertise and excellent value-for-money solutions were made possible by investigating and on boarding a selection of expert partners to assist us in niche areas, including voice/internet, financing, security, end-point protection, fibre installations and labor services. 

While we may not be a one-stop shop, we do our absolute best to assist in all areas… and we make sure to give our clients proper service when they need it, because we know problems can happen at any time. 

Read on for part 2 of our Services Overview, and find out how the Bahati Dream Team are waiting to focus on your IT, so you can focus on your business. 

Cloud & Domains

Cloud services are becoming a standard around the world, with more and more providers offering a range of services designed to get your data off-site and into the online cloud storage realm, and more and more businesses going remote thanks to the global COVID pandemic. 

Our cloud offering includes Microsoft Office 365, off-site backups, cloud servers, and document sharing, giving your team all the tools they need to keep communicating and working together, no matter where they are. All this is made possible by the Microsoft 365 Cloud.

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Dev Ops

It’s a phrase we’ve often heard, but what is the mysterious dev ops really about, and what benefits could it bring your business?

Basically, with dev ops, the only limit is your imagination. From corporate functions, to business apps, dynamic graphs, websites and so much more, the BahatiDev team is tailored to cater to many forms of development needed to suit your requirements, with all development built on the Secured Microsoft 365 platform.,

From a basic one pager website to a full scale interactive site, from apps to office admin and flow automation tools, and even Microsoft 365 development – we can do it all. 

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On-Site Installations

As well as providing hardware and software solutions, BahatiGroup can also assist with full layouts and implementation designs for networks, CCTV systems, and lightning and surge protection. 

Whether it’s a fibre installation, server installation or desktop installation,  the fully qualified Bahati installations team pride themselves in their work and even offer a full 1-year warranty on all our copper cabling jobs.

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Electronic Recycling

Last but definitely not least, our electronic recycling service means you can safely dispose of your redundant electronic equipment without polluting the environment with the hazardous chemicals which lurk inside it – including lead, cadmium, beryllium, chromium and even arsenic!

We recycle broken and unwanted tech, and process all items in an environmentally friendly way, stripping the equipment to its bare metals and removing any harmful chemicals, before disposing of these correctly and sending the recyclable materials to the smelter to make new tech and great gadgets! 

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So… if you have ever wondered what a day in the life of a Bahati Tech Ninja looks like, it could involve a range of cutting edge services and solutions, all designed to do one thing – take away your IT and tech headaches, and replace them with a smile, and the knowledge that your systems are in good hands at all times.

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