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Introducing Our Partners – Part 2

In our previous newsletters, we’ve introduced our customers to some of the valued partners of BahatiGroup, who give us access to the latest technologies and best value solutions for your IT needs, allowing us to provide you with unparalleled service. 

In this edition of our blog, we’ll be shining the spotlight on two more of our valued partners, Silvashaw Technologies and 86 Design.

There is a major difference between consumer grade and business or enterprise-grade internet, and our experts can help to identify the best solution for your needs.

Read on for more on the connectivity services we provide thanks to our valued partnership with  Silvashaw Technologies.

Who is Silvashaw Technologies?

SilvaShaw Technologies was founded in 2007 by Dominique da Silva as a turnkey IT Support Company specialising in providing proactive IT support services and sales to small and medium-sized businesses across Gauteng. They have developed a reputation that has been built on integrity, knowledge, professionalism and service delivery which form the cornerstone of their success.

Our partners at Silvashaw take pride in having developed, documented and implemented a set of installation, and maintenance standards and procedures based on industry best practice – this approach to working with clients is fundamentally driven towards the concept of client satisfaction.

VoIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol, or Voice over IP, or simply VoIP, is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

SilvaShaw Technologies is a Tier 1 VoIP provider, and through them we offer a complete feature rich VoIP solution, helping clients to move away from the old dated fixed line costly solution on either a full Hosted PBX or a SIP Trunk solution.


Through our partnership with Silvashaw, we are able to provide a wide range of internet connectivity options with reliable , robust and value for money connectivity solutions for small, medium and large businesses. These options include:

• Fiber to the Business (FTTB) and Fiber to the Neighbourhood is spreading throughout South Africa. Silvashaw can provide a variety of services from different providers, including data or point-to-point dedicated connections.

• Wireless internet solutions with a range of packages to suit any business’s data requirements. The design of Silvashaw’s network is based on an area specific wireless-to-fibre methodology which guarantees speed & quality wireless connections. 

• 3G/4G/LTE data: through Silvashaw, we are able to provide fixed and mobile services on 3G, 4G, LTE and even LTE Advanced over any of the incumbent providers.

• ADSL data service types (Uncapped / Capped) and line speeds are also available.

And now for something a little different, we’d like to introduce our marketing and design partners over at 86DSGN (86 Design).


86DSGN were tasked with developing a strategic marketing plan to promote the services we offer, reach new clients with our IT solutions across all forms of digital marketing, including:

  • Website design and development 
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting – newsletters and blogs (yes, you’re reading one!)
  • And much more…

The team at 86DSGN have worked closely with us at BahatiGroup to capture what makes our business unique, and develop new and exciting ways of reaching out to both our existing customers and potential new leads.

Contact the team at 86 if you’d like a friendly and professional assessment of your marketing needs and a free quote.

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