Who We Are

Our motto at BahatiGroup is “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this, you haven’t.” ~ Thomas Edison.

We are driven to excel in order to make sure that we are the best of the best and strive to make sure of that. We offer most call services from an IT spectrum. We on boarded partners to assist us in areas where we could not specialise – those partners include voice/internet, Financing, Security, end-point protection, fibre installations and labor services. We are essentially an IT support and maintenance company specialising in Microsoft products. While we are not a one-stop shop, we do our absolute best to assist in all areas.

While other IT companies close early or are not available during lunch hours, we make sure to give our clients proper service – whether it may be after hours or on weekends.

About Our History

Bahatigroup started in 2009 by Ryan Kloppers as the sole member of the company to assist in the small to medium sized market where there was no real outsourced IT support that was affordable for these types of companies. We started by receiving referrals from a number of individuals which then led to more referrals due to the increase of quality that was provided with the increase in experience.

With the increase of referrals we then needed to start up new divisions in order to account for the workload as well as the different types of work that was being asked for by the different individuals and businesses. Our first major partner was Microsoft and due to this partnership we gained more credibility and thus gained the company more trust.

Due to many businesses asking us about design and development of sites where we had to refer them to third parties, we decided to start up a design division so that we wouldn’t have to pass on the requests from the clients. This is also a reason why we partnered with hosting companies as the hosting companies which we had to get domains from would take long periods of time to get back and complete our requests.

About Our Mission

Is to disrupt the ICT service industry with service that counts and that businesses can rely on. We want to look at the ICT sector, find where service is non-existent, then grow on that while making sure that the service is there for you, the businesses that grow the nation that builds Africa.




About Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an ICT sector that is built on service and demands service for all business, no matter the need. We want to make every visionary and Entrepreneurs’ dreams possible with IT support and services in the forefront that keep the business going and growing.

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